About us

Shaking up the world.

eaudry is the new product line by The Powder Company, the Swiss full-service provider in the field of dry cosmetic solutions.

Surrounded by nature, mountains and water, we have been developing a diverse range of quality products in the heart of Switzerland since 1950 and offer support to renowned cosmetic brands along the entire value chain. With everything we do, we always have the the bigger picture and the future of our planet in mind.

“We believe that every single one of us can make a big difference with small changes.”

Responsible use of resources is a matter of course in every area of our company, and we are actively committed to sustainability wherever possible and sensible. eaudry is a concrete result of this commitment – and an important milestone for the entire team at The Powder Company. Because we believe that every single one of us can make a big difference with small changes.

Why dry cosmetics?

The use of conventional liquid soaps and shower gels adds tons of plastic waste to the global waste mountain every day. Anyone who mixes their own soaps and shower gels and uses bottles more than once is setting an important example and contributing to a better future for all!

The conscious use of water conserves resources in many different areas. If water is added to a product at the right time – that is right before use –, there is less packaging waste, and less storage space is needed. Plus we save on transport costs and reduce CO2 emissions.