eaudry is balance and timing – an intelligent cycle of water and dryness,inspired by nature. Refreshingly sustainable, cleverly different.

Swiss Made

The water-free eaudry products are developed and produced in the heart of Switzerland by The Powder Company, a leading expert and full-service provider in the field of dry cosmetics solutions.

Highest quality

eaudry hand soap and shower gel contain natural betaine and plant-based surfactant. They are easy to mix, quickly ready for use and offer smooth and creamy foam. At least 98% of the ingredients of the finished mixtures are of natural origin (ISO 16128).

Less emissions

With eaudry, water is only used at the very moment it’s needed. This means less transport resources and less emissions.

Less waste

eaudry causes less packaging waste and offers reusable bottles.


The water-free eaudry products require less warehouse space and take up less transport volume while the cooperation with regional suppliers minimizes the overall transport ecological footprint.

Suitable for vegans

eaudry is 100% vegan. The products contain no ingredients of animal origin, and no animal products are used in the manufacturing process.

Skin compatibility

Dermatologically approved
eaudry products are dermatologically tested and approved for their skin-friendliness.

Carbon neutral

The “Carbon neutral“ label guarantees transparency und traceability in climate action. With this label, ClimatePartner confirms that all CO2 emissions are measured and offset through international climate protection projects. eaudry is climate neutral through compensation (project: 13631- 2107-1002).