From powder to soap – in 3 simple steps!

With eaudry you can mix your hand soap and shower gel in 3 steps – and make the world a better place.

Step 1

Fill 180ml of water into the bottle

Unscrew the upper part of the reusable eaudry bottle and fill it with 180ml of water.

Step 2

Add powder

Cut open the eaudry powder mix bag and pour the content into the bottle.

Step 3

Shake well

Close the eaudry bottle tightly and shake well for about 10 seconds. After 10 minutes the soap or shower gel mixture is ready for use.

Ready for use

Enjoy your eaudry soap or shower gel – and shake up the world.

eaudry is breaking new ground. Refreshingly sustainable, inspiringly different. For nothing has to stay the way it is, simply because it has always been that way. eaudry is for people who live consciously and enjoy mindfully. For people who treat themselves to good things, always thinking ahead and looking beyond. eaudry is about making a difference on a small scale while keeping an eye on the big picture. Rethinking resources, sustainably combining opposites. Not too much, not too little, and always at the right time. eaudry is balance and timing – an intelligent cycle of water and dryness, inspired by nature.

eaudry makes cleansing cleaner